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Do you remember the first time you’ve built something, somewhere, a safe place, a safe space, a spatial capsule, a spiritual rocketship where your wildest dreams could come true, where your own demons were afraid of you. A shed… You’re in the place where your guilt is your peach, where god is gay, where you can tidy the mess in your head, where things are too raw, too real, where you can see elephant’s French kisses in real-time, where anything is possible…You are in the Cabanon.

« A dead lizard on the kitchen floor

The sailor cry on his dead bonsai

The Moon is a spy working for the sky

I don’t believe in bad luck in life

My feet are twisting on the white lines

Cigarette in my mouth, smoke’s blowin between my lips.

Let It Go, Instant Pleasures…

ACAB Spraypainted on the wall: ALL CLITORIS ARE BEAUTIFUL

Dancing on the spot,

On the rythm of the gunshots

What is that for ?

It’s a crime…

I can take you,

To a better place,

My baby girl,


A real estate…

Keep breathing in Keep breathing out

Please stop grieving »

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Cabanon #02

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